Opposition critics

MPP Policy Area
Andrew, Jill Critic, Culture and Heritage
Andrew, Jill Critic, Women's Issues
Armstrong, Teresa J. Critic, Children and Youth Services
Arthur, Ian Critic, Small business recovery; Reopening Main Street
Begum, Doly Critic, Citizenship, Foreign Credentials and Immigration Services
Bell, Jessica Critic, Housing; Tenant Rights; Urban Planning
Berns-McGown, Rima Critic, Poverty and Homelessness
Bisson, Gilles Critic, Community Safety and Correctional Services
Bourgouin, Guy Critic, Francophone Affairs
Burch, Jeff Critic, Municipal Affairs
Fife, Catherine Critic, Finance and Treasury Board
French, Jennifer K. Critic, Transportation and Highways
French, Jennifer K. Critic, Infrastructure
Gates, Wayne Critic, Workplace Health and Safety; Training, Trades and Apprenticeships;
Gates, Wayne Critic, Auto Strategy
Gélinas, France Critic, Health
Glover, Chris Critic, Technology Development and Innovation
Gretzky, Lisa Critic, Community and Social Services
Harden, Joel Critic, Accessibility and Persons with Disabilities
Hassan, Faisal Critic, Youth Opportunities
Hatfield, Percy Critic, OLG and Horse Racing
Horwath, Andrea Critic, Intergovernmental Affairs
Karpoche, Bhutila Critic, Early Learning and Childcare
Kernaghan, Terence Critic, LGBTQ
Kernaghan, Terence Critic, Government Services and Consumer Protection
Lindo, Laura Mae Critic, Anti-Racism
Lindo, Laura Mae Critic, Colleges and Universities
Mamakwa, Sol Critic, Indigenous and Treaty Relations
Mantha, Michael Critic, Tourism
Mantha, Michael Critic, Northern Development
Miller, Paul Critic, Pensions
Miller, Paul Critic, Sports
Monteith-Farrell, Judith Critic, Natural Resources, Forestry and Mines
Morrison, Suze Critic, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Response
Morrison, Suze Critic, Urban Indigenous Issues
Natyshak, Taras Critic, Ethics and Accountability
Natyshak, Taras Critic, Job Creation and Economic Recovery
Rakocevic, Tom Critic, Transit
Sattler, Peggy Critic, Labour
Sattler, Peggy Critic, Democratic Reform
Shaw, Sandy Critic, Environment, Conservation and Parks
Singh, Gurratan Critic, Attorney General
Singh, Sara Critic, Seniors
Singh, Sara Critic, Seniors, Home Care and Long Term Care
Stevens, Jennifer (Jennie) Critic, Veterans, Legions and Military Affairs
Stiles, Marit Critic, Education
Tabuns, Peter Critic, Climate Crisis
Tabuns, Peter Critic, Energy
Taylor, Monique Critic, Mental Health and Addictions
Vanthof, John Critic, Agriculture and Food, Rural Development
West, Jamie Critic, Northern Infrastructure, Transportation and Roads
Yarde, Kevin Critic, Auto Insurance