Workshop Themes

Workshop Themes

Introduction to Parliament

Designed to focus on areas linked directly to curriculum expectations, this session will review several key topics including parliamentary roles, the legislative process, the levels of government, the concept of electoral districts, and more. This session is a good way to refresh your parliamentary knowledge or learn something new. We will also include tips on how to address some of the more complex ideas of parliament and government with your students!

In-class Resources

Designed to make the connection between students’ everyday life and the work of parliament relatable, this session includes an in-depth review of our available resources and programs. We will watch several clips of parliament in action and discuss some questions and prompts for students that you can use, as well as tips on how to integrate our many resources into your classroom. Participants are also encouraged to bring forward their best practices with an opportunity for sharing with fellow colleagues.

Civic Engagement and Elections (Date TBD)

Helping your students understand what civic engagement means is the key focus of this session. Our in-house educators will draw connections between informed citizenship, public involvement in the legislative process, the importance and impact of voting, including how students can make an impact even before they are eligible to vote. This session will also explore Ontario's electoral districts and how elections work in the province. 

2022 workshop dates to be announced.