MPPs are your representatives in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

There are currently 124 seats in the Legislature. Each seat represents a riding in Ontario. Members of provincial Parliament (MPPs) are elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario by citizens in their riding.

Current MPPs

Find information about the MPPs currently representing Ontario.

All MPPs

Find every MPP who has has served Ontario since the 1st Parliament in 1867.


Get contact details for MPPs, including their legislative offices, constituency offices, and ministry offices. 

Expense disclosures

View information about payments made to MPPs for travel, accommodation, meals, and hospitality expenses.

MPPs in memoriam

Remember MPPs who have passed away.

Roles by portfolio

See ministers, parliamentary assistants, and critics organized by portfolio.

Chamber seating plan

Chamber seating plan

See where MPPs sit in the legislative Chamber.

The Speaker

The Honourable Ted Arnott

Learn about the current Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the Honourable Ted Arnott, and his role. 

Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians

Past MPPs can find information and support at the Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians.