FAQs about the Speaker's Book Award

How do I apply?

Prepare a brief synopsis, maximum 250 words, describing how this book is reflective of Ontario, covering historical, regional, cultural or parliamentary aspects of the province. Once this is completed, fill out the online application form.

Do I have to provide a copy of the book with my application? 

Yes, we require 1 copy of each book submitted for consideration for the Speaker's Book Award. Mail one copy of the book after submitting your application online to the following address*:

Speaker’s Book Award
Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations Branch
Room 191
Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON  M7A 1A2

*Notice: Please do not remit a hard copy of the book at this time. If possible, please e-mail an electronic copy or link to an online version of the publication to bookaward@ola.org, or contact us by e-mail to arrange sending an e-version by other means. 

Does my publisher have to submit an application for my book?

Submissions will be accepted from both authors and publishers, as long as they comply with the eligibility requirements. Please note that only one entry of each title will be permitted. All publishing companies must be based in Ontario.

What is the definition of an Ontario resident?

An Ontario resident means any author with Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada living in Ontario at the time of publication.

I am not an Ontario resident but my book meets the topic requirements. Can I still submit an entry?

No, only Ontario residents are eligible.

I am an Ontario resident but my publisher is in another province/country. Can I still submit an entry?

No, books must be published by a publishing company based in Ontario.

Are there different categories for the award?

One winning book - either general non-fiction or public policy - will be selected. Submissions are welcomed in either English or French. There are no separate categories for language.

My book is historical fiction, is it eligible?

No, only non-fiction books are eligible.

Can an e-book be submitted?

At this time, the Selection Committee will only be accepting printed and bound copies of the book.

Can I submit a manuscript?

Manuscripts will not be accepted as entries for the Speaker’s Book Award.

Can I resubmit the same book as last year?

Books previously submitted are not eligible for consideration.

Can an anthology be submitted?

At this time, anthologies will be accepted. Please note that if selected, the editor will be considered the recipient of the award.

How many copies of the book need to be submitted?

In order for entries to be considered complete, one copy of the book must be submitted prior to the deadline. If your book is shortlisted, additional copies will be requested for the Selection Committee.

Will my books be returned?

Books are considered part of the official application, and will not be returned following the selection process.

What does the award consist of?

A monetary prize will be awarded to the recipient. The winning book will be available for sale at the Legislative Assembly Gift Shop and featured in the Legislative Library. 

For more information, please contact bookaward@ola.org or (416) 325-8094.