A Legislative Committee is a small working group of MPPs responsible for detailed consideration of any matter that it is authorized to review. Most often the committees consider new laws or revisions to existing laws that have been proposed to the Legislature.

A committee may hold public hearings, allowing citizens from across Ontario the opportunity to comment on, or provide evidence relating to, the matter under review.

There are three types of committees:

Standing Committees

There are nine Standing Committees of the Legislature, each composed of nine MPPs from the political parties represented in the House. These committees deal with ongoing areas of legislative activity related to provincial responsibilities such as education and health care.

Select Committees

These committees, usually composed of nine MPPs from the political parties represented in the House, are set up specifically to study certain bills or issues. Usually Select Committees examine material by a specific date and report back to the Legislature, after which the committee is dissolved.

Committee of the Whole House

This committee includes all Members of the Legislature and meets in the Chamber. The Deputy Speaker chairs the committee of the Whole House. This time allows MPPs to debate committee reports and make further comments on bills before a final vote.

Current committees