Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Students must:

  1. Currently be in grades 10 to 12;
  2. Attend school in Ontario;
  3. Write a 450-500 word essay responding to the question below outlining why they are a suitable candidate for the program (to be submitted with the online application); 
  4. Provide one letter of recommendation written by a teacher, principal, vice principal or guidance counselor to support your application;
  5. Submit an application online from September 15th to November 3rd 

Selection Criteria

Essay Question: What experiences, achievements and activities have you been involved in - at school or in your community - that make you an ideal candidate for this program?

Answer the question above in essay format using specific examples to support your application demonstrating the following:

  • Leadership, responsibility, maturity and teamwork
  • An interest in current affairs, provincial issues and government
  • Strong interpersonal and social skills (the ability to get along well with peers and adults)
  • Involvement in a variety of community and extra-curricular activities

Letter of Recommendation

The letter should mention the student’s commitment to academics, behaviour in a school setting, positive attitude and respect for others, and an active involvement in their school and their community.

All applicants will go through an anonymous screening process. Students will be selected from across Ontario to ensure representation from all provincial ridings. Please refer to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario Model Parliament Selection Rubric (PDF) for the assessment criteria.