What type of lighting system do you use?

Fluorescent lights are used in our cases.

Do your exhibit cases meet museum standards?

No, the exhibit cases are not climate controlled, nor is the building.

Do all exhibit cases lock?

Yes.  As well, our building is monitored by the Legislative Protective Service and security cameras.

Can we nail things into the wooden frames of the exhibit cases?


Can we stick things to the glass interior of the exhibit case?

Yes. We provide double-sided Velcro for your use during installation.

If I can’t come down and install my exhibit, will you install it for me?

Yes.  If you are unable to install the exhibit yourself we would be happy to do it for you.

My institution is located very far away from Toronto.  Can I ship my exhibit to you?

Yes, you can ship your exhibit to the Legislative Building.  Shipping costs to the building will be your responsibility.  We may be able to cover shipping costs to return your exhibit at the end of the display period. Please inquire for further details.

Can we translate our text ourselves?

No.  However we would be happy to provide you with a copy of the translated text for your use.

Can we create our own text panels and labels?

No.  We follow a set of design standards to ensure that all text is uniform in nature. 

Will you print photos for my exhibit?

Yes.  If you provide digital copies of your photos by the text and image deadline we would be happy to print and mount them for you.

Can our organization’s logo be included in our exhibit?

No, we are unable to include organizational logos in exhibits.  However your organization’s name will be featured prominently in the display.