Committee speaker index

Letter: C

  • Cho, Hon. R.S.J. (PC, Scarborough North)

    • Providing More Care, Protecting Seniors, and Building More Beds Act, 2021 (Bill 37), M9–M12
    • Retirement homes
      • regulatory enforcement, M10
  • Coe, L. (PC, Whitby)

    • Appointments to agencies/boards/commissions/etc.
      • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, A10
      • McMichael Canadian Art Collection board of trustees, A19
      • Ontario Civilian Police Commission/Ontario Parole Board, A27
  • Crawford, S. (PC, Oakville)

    • Electrical contractors
      • unlicensed
        • regulation and enforcement, P9
    • Electrical Safety Authority
      • consumer education role, P9
      • oversight of, P8
    • Reports referred to committee
      • 2020 Annual Report: Ministry of Government and Consumer Services; Electrical Safety Authority (Auditor General of Ontario), P8–P9
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