Look closely at the two images side by side and find the difference between the two images. In other words, find what is missing in the image on the right by clicking on it.Try all 3 levels, each one is a little harder. 

Image one: Ontario’s Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto

Image two: The First Legislature of Upper Canada, Frederick S. Challener
This painting – The First Legislature of Upper Canada – depicts Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe speaking to members of his elected Assembly and Executive Council for the first time at Newark (now Niagara-on-the-lake), September 17, 1792.

Image three: Paper Slide
This tradition in the Legislative Chamber, known as a “paper slide” sometimes takes place at the end of a parliamentary session. The papers tossed in the air represent the Bills that did not get passed into law during the session.

Reference Image
Old building with garden in front with Yellow flowers
The First Legislature of Upper Canada, Frederick S. Challener
Multiple people throwing pieces of paper into the air