See what past Model Parliament participants are saying about the program!

"The Model Parliament program taught me the capacity and potential youth have to inspire change. There is a lot of stigma around what youth can achieve and about how we are a generation of people who are not connected to the world outside of our phones. The Model Parliament program has showed me that is not the case at all. Youth across the province are having a profound impact on various aspects of advocacy and civic engagement." - Rakhshan Kamran, 2014

"This program facilitates a positive space for students to share their viewpoints through discussion and debate. Although there are a large number of participants attending the conference, each one has the opportunity to be heard. The fact that each student may have a different viewpoint, does not mean that one is any less or more valuable than another’s." -  Judy Perpose, 2014

"I was worried that I would be the only student there who only had a basic concept of politics and the government system. However, during the program, I realized that was not the case. I learned that Model Parliament wasn’t a program for students with an interest in politics, but a program for students with an interest in learning about the world around them." - Rhea Basu, 2015

"This was, hands down, one of the best experiences of my life. We had the chance to sit in the Legislative Chamber and have our own debate with bills that we had created. Few people can say that they have done this." - Claire MacDonald, 2016

"You don’t need to be an expert in politics to apply for Model Parliament. The organizers were understanding, explained every detail thoroughly, and were always open for questions and discussions. Plus, I got to make a lot of friends, unforgettable memories, and learned a ton." - Balpreet Gill, 2016

"The most important thing I learned from the Model Parliament experience is the importance of respecting the democratic process. We heard from the Clerk of the Legislature, who spoke about looking out her window one morning, and seeing dozens of people from different backgrounds gathered for different reasons on the front lawn of Queen’s Park. She rightfully said to herself, “I bet this is one of the only front lawns in the world where this happens every day.” - Daniel Minden, 2016

"Meeting so many different, diverse people from all across the province, and all across the political spectrum, was a dream come true. It can often be difficult to get politically involved when you’re young, but Model Parliament gave me the opportunity to make connections and have experiences that I will never forget." - David de Paiva, 2017

"Model Parliament taught me how to be confident in myself and my ideas, as well as the ideas of others. I learned that when you work as a team with other motivated individuals you could accomplish anything and that when youth work together we can make a difference. The things I learned in the program still influence me every day." - Mallory Long, 2017

"After having spent three incredible days at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, my most memorable moment was having the opportunity to meet and converse with so many like-minded youth from across the province. Regardless of their political affiliation, my knowledge of government has broadened through meeting other Model Parliamentarians, and I have made a number of inspirational and long-lasting friendships during my participation in this program." - Cassandra Lee, 2018

"In my session of Model Parliament, I was part of a minority government. This was a unique challenge that forced me and my caucus to think critically about our bill and the other bills. Having to critique our own bill, think of amendments we could implement, and compromise with the other parties helped me understand the real issues politicians face every day." - Callum Robertson. 2019

"This experience helped me understand the process involved in putting forth a Bill from start to finish.  Being able to voice my opinion about issues I am passionate about and working collaboratively with others made the experience everything I hoped it would be." - Julia Grace Melino, 2019

"The Model Parliament Program showed me the true essence of Canadian democracy, Politicians of different backgrounds with different opinions argue on behalf of the betterment of our society and continue to foster good friendships that transcend party borders. The program showed me that there is friendship and compassion that inspires all the decisions made in our parliament. This program also influenced me to raise my voice and advocate for initiatives I am proud of!" - Haleema Ahmed, 2020

"The Model Parliament Program is by far the most enriching experience for youth who want to learn more about the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and how to make a difference in their communities. I have so many fond memories of my time in the program and I enjoyed every minute I was there thanks to the awesome Model Parliament team and other participants. The opportunity to take on the role of an MPP for a day by debating, compromising, and working with party members to compete a bill was electrifying. I now have a profound passion for politics and a greater love for the Province of Ontario and our Democracy." - Maria Murphy, 2020