There’s so much to visit, learn, and discover at the Legislative Assembly

Experience Ontario’s Parliament in action. Explore the history of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Learn how laws are made. Investigate the architecture of the building. Find interactive learning experiences and teaching tools.




Tours and programs


Explore Ontario's historic Legislative Building.
A variety of tours are available all year round—most free of charge!

School groups

Engage your students in the parliamentary process.
Tours and programs that support Ontario's curriculum are offered throughout the year.


Discover Ontario's Parliament with the right program for you.
Find programs for teachers, authors, families and youth groups, and more.

Legislative pages

Legislative Page Program

An exciting and rewarding experience for high-achieving, community-involved Grade 7 and 8 students from across Ontario!

Learn more about the Page Program


A group of students taking part in a Democracy Day program

Democracy Day

An interactive, full-day program designed to engage students in the parliamentary process and experience democracy first-hand!

Learn more about Democracy Day

Plan your visit

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is located at 111 Wellesley Street West, in Toronto. Contact us at 416-325-0061 or

Building access: service disruption

Parking and public transportation

Gift shop

There's lots to do and see

Beaded grass dance regalia outfit from Gathering Place exhibit

Exhibits and art

Explore the exhibits and art collections throughout the Legislative Building

exterior of Legislative Building

Parliament and Government

Discover how Ontario's Parliament works, its parliamentary traditions and history

Gift shop

Legislative giftshop

Unique gifts, souvenirs, and exclusive items from Ontario. 

Teach, learn, play

Curriculum-based lesson plans, activities, and games about provincial Parliament and Ontario

legislative processes and people graphic

Canada's three levels of government

About Ontario

How a bill becomes law

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