Eligibility Requirements and Selection

Applications for the Spring 2022 term are now closed. Please check back at a later date for future recruitment periods. Contact us at pageprogram@ola.org for more information.

Being a Page is sure to be one of the most exciting and memorable times of your life. It does, however, come with a number of responsibilities. If selected, you will have to study and prepare for your term of duty, wear a traditional black & white uniform, follow many rules and procedures, and commit to the program from Monday to Friday.

As we welcome the Pages back to the Legislative Building, their health and safety, as well as everyone who has direct contact with them, is top priority. 

During the Spring 2022 period, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Attending school in Ontario
  • Currently be enrolled in grade 8
  • Be fully vaccinated by the start of the term (both doses and 2 week wait period)
  • Have an academic average of Level 4 or 80 % (or higher)

It is important to note that the plans for the Legislative Page Program are subject to provincial and public health measures.  We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and our response to it, ensuring all occupants of the building are protected.

Depending on how the requirements change, we may need to interrupt, suspend, cancel or further modify the Page Program even after on-site arrival. Your understanding is appreciated.

Students must also demonstrate an involvement in a variety of extra-curricular (in and out of school) and community based activities; leadership skills; responsibility, maturity and commitment; an interest in current affairs; strong interpersonal and social skills; and an ability to get along well with peers and adults.