The Legislative Assembly makes laws that affect Ontarians

MPPs present, debate, and vote on proposed laws (bills) in the House. In committees, they study bills, issues, or topics, and report back to the House. Together, the House and committees make up the work of the Legislature. Legislative business is where you can follow what’s happening.



A general election was held on June 7, 2018.

Recent business

Business from the 42nd Parliament will be added as it becomes available

Business from the 41st Parliament

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Bills are ideas to make new laws or change existing laws.

Before a bill becomes a law, it must go through the legislative process.

How a bill becomes law
When do acts and regulations come into force?

Private bills apply to specific people or groups.

Applying for private bills

In the House

The rules that govern House and committee proceedings
Standing Orders

Information about when the House can meet
Parliamentary calendar

The status of business before the Legislature prior to the dissolution of the 41st Parliament
Status of business

What is Hansard?

Hansard is the official record of debates. Hansard editors produce transcripts that are near-verbatim reports of everything that is said in the Legislature. 

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In committee

Information about committees for the 42nd Parliament will be added as it is becomes available.

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Committee Hansard index: 41st Parliament, 3rd Session