Accessibility policies at the Office of the Assembly

Commitment to accessibility

The Office of the Assembly is committed to providing barrier-free access to the Legislative Building and to the programs, goods, publications, and services we provide. We do our best to make sure that our policies, practices, and procedures promote independence, dignity, integration, equality, and opportunity for persons with disabilities.

Staff training

We are trained to consider people with disabilities in our work. Our training includes how to welcome visitors with disabilities to the Legislative Building and how to help people use our programs, goods, publications, and services.

Communications and information

You can communicate with us in the way that suits you best. We will do our best to communicate with you in a way that meets your needs. We will use plain language in our documents and publications where we can. We will respond to your questions, comments, and requests in a timely way.

We will make our best efforts to provide our information in accessible formats. If these formats do not meet your needs, we will provide alternate formats on request. Contact

Assistive devices

You may bring your own personal assistive devices to the Legislative Building, as long as they don’t interfere with the business of the Legislative Assembly.

Support persons

A support person or persons may come with you when you visit us, provided their presence doesn’t interfere with the business of the Legislative Assembly. If you contact us before your visit, we will advise you if a support person might be needed.

Service animals

You may bring a service animal to all public areas of the Legislative Building, except where service animals are not allowed by law. For example, you may not bring your service animal to areas where food is prepared. We’ll help you visit public areas where service animals aren’t permitted. While you visit those areas, we will keep your service animal in a safe and secure area for you.

Notices of service disruption

If there are service disruptions that affect access to the building or to our programs and services, we will post notices on our website. We will also post notices in the parts of the building that are affected. The notices will provide information on other means of access.

To find out about service disruptions before you visit, call Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations at 416-325-7500 or TTY 416-325-9426.

Requesting an accommodation

  • To attend a tour or event at the Legislative Building please phone 416-325-0061 or email
  • To attend a committee hearing at the Legislative Building, or elsewhere, please contact Procedural Services at 416-325-3500
  • To request an accessible version of any document please submit an accessible formats document request form or contact the Legislative Assembly's AODA Working Group at

For attendance accommodation requests please provide 48 hours’ notice. For document accommodation requests please submit your request one week in advance of when the document is required.

Other questions or feedback may be directed to the Legislative Assembly’s AODA Working Group at


To comment on how well we provide access to our building, programs, goods, publications, and services, contact

We reply to all requests, comments, and complaints. If we can’t respond right away, we’ll tell you when you can expect to hear from us. We will make sure that the proper people are advised.

Our accessibility plan

We publish an Accessibility Plan. It is updated periodically. The plan outlines how we are working to remove existing barriers and make sure that new ones are not created. Plans are available in alternate formats on request.

Accessibility plans

Accessibility compliance reports