About us

About the Legislative Assembly of Ontario  

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is made up of members of provincial Parliament (MPPs) who are elected by Ontarians to represent them and their constituencies. The Legislative Assembly’s main responsibilities are to debate and pass legislation, to hold the government to account, and to approve government spending. The Legislative Assembly meets in the Legislative Building located in Queen’s Park in Toronto.

About the Office of the Assembly

The Office of the Assembly is separate from the government and provides non-partisan support and services to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Divided into 5 divisions, the organization is made up of numerous branches, with more than 500 dedicated employees. 

Our history

The Office of the Assembly was established on December 20, 1974, when an amendment to the Legislative Assembly Act was passed. The organization was created as legally separate from the government to ensure that all MPPs receive an equal level of assistance, regardless of party status.

Over the years, the Office of the Assembly has grown into a dynamic, modern organization, capable of supporting elected MPPs and managing the day-to-day operations of the province’s Legislature and the historic building.

In celebration of the Office of the Assembly’s 50th anniversary, view a timeline of events from its establishment to present day.