Application Process

Depending on your eligibility, read the information below carefully about how to submit your online application to the Page Program at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Applications will be accepted only during the recruitment periods. There are three steps as follows:

Step 1: Register - to register, student applicant must use their own individual email address and choose a password. Once registered, student applicant will be able to log in at any time to continue the application process or to edit/view their profile. (Note: family emails or school emails are not acceptable)
Step 2: Create Profile - student applicant must enter their personal information (address, birth date, telephone number, email) and their parent/guardian name and contact information.
Step 3: Start Application - student applicant must enter their school information (address, telephone number, school principal) and write an essay answering the following questions (750 words max.):

  1. What experiences, achievements (academic, athletic, volunteer) and activities have you been involved in at school, at home or in the community that demonstrate your leadership, responsibility and interpersonal skills?
  2. Why are you an ideal candidate and what unique characteristics would you bring to the program? 

Hint: Use specific examples in your essay to support your application.

To finish the application process a consent form (PDF) must also be submitted. This form requires several signatures (parent/guardian, homeroom teacher, principal), the student 's academic standing and teacher comments. A school administrator must submit the completed form directly to the Legislative Page Program on behalf of the student applicant via email to