Term of Duty

As a Legislative Page, you will be serving "at the pleasure of the House". This means you will only be asked to serve while the Legislature is in session. The term of duty is established according to the Parliamentary Calendar, and is typically from two to four weeks in length. Selected students are excused from their school for the duration of the term of duty so they can serve as Legislative Pages. The students' absence from school is recorded as a General Absence. Pages are expected to attend the program from Monday to Friday during their term of duty.

Please note that Legislative Pages may serve only one term of duty regardless of the length of their term. Once a Page has served, even if for only one day, they are no longer eligible to serve again. Term dates are always tentative as they are set according to the parliamentary calendar which may change at any time and on short notice. Any change to the parliamentary session would directly impact the Pages' term of duty. 

In addition, the plans for the Legislative Page Program are subject to provincial and public health measures. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and our response to it, ensuring all occupants of the building are protected. Depending on how the requirements change, we may need to interrupt, suspend, cancel or further modify the Page Program even after on-site arrival. Thank you for your understanding.