Eligibility & Selection Criteria


This program is open to women or gender diverse individuals who are:

  • Permanent residents of Ontario.
  • Between the ages of 18 to 30.
  • New applicants to the program.

Candidates must:

  • Submit an online application, including responding to the long-answer questions below.
  • Demonstrate leadership, a commitment to and enthusiasm for active citizenship, democracy, governance and parliament.

Selection Criteria

  • Your application will need to include answers to the following questions, up to a maximum of 250 words each:
    • Describe what makes you an ideal candidate for this program highlighting your leadership experiences, community involvement, and enthusiasm for governance and parliament.
    • What would participating in the Women's Forum mean to you? 
    • Define what the word "empowerment" means to you.
    • Who is a woman that inspires you? Why?
    • If you were a Member of Provincial Parliament, what three priorities would you address first and why?
  • All applicants will go through an anonymous screening process. One applicant will be selected from each electoral district from across Ontario to ensure representation from all provincial ridings.