Historic Images Gallery

Photographs have told countless stories of Ontario’s Legislative Building from its opening in 1893 through to present day.  The following images provide a glimpse into the changes throughout history to the building and surrounding area.

The Legislative Chamber as it appeared in 1893
The west wing of the Legislative Building on fire, September 9, 1909.
The west wing of the Legislative Building after the fire of 1909.
Looking south on the grounds of the Legislative Building, 1930s.
The Legislative Mace laying on the Clerk’s Table in the Chamber, circa 1960.
Premier Robarts unveils the Post One monument to commemorate Canada’s centennial in 1967, on the east side of the Legislative grounds.
The Legislative Building decorated for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, June 1953.
Fountain at the entrance of Queen's Park,circa 1880s.
Construction of the centre block of the Legislative Building, 1889.