Get Involved with Parliament

Participate! Watch the Legislature in Action

Visit Queen's Park to watch the debates from the public galleries in the Legislative Chamber, or watch the proceedings live on TV or the Internet. The Legislature meets on dates during the fall, winter and spring. Find out more about the dates the Legislature meets

Contact your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP): MPPs have the responsibility to respect opinions and ideas brought forth by members of the public, and to take these concerns to the Legislative Assembly. When you share your thoughts with your MPP, you can help influence the activities and policies of the provincial government. There are several ways you can contact your MPP. You can write a letter, send an email, or meet your MPP at his or her office.

Find your MPP: If you know the name of your riding, you can find out who your MPP is by visiting the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website at

Find your Riding: Ontario is divided into 107 electoral districts, also called ridings or constituencies. The number of ridings is determined by the population in a geographical area. The boundaries or the number of ridings can change when populations increase or decrease in an area. You can find out which riding you live in by typing in your postal code on the Elections Ontario website at

Attend a Committee Meeting: A committee is made up of a small group of MPPs from all political parties and is responsible for discussing bills in detail. Members of the public can share their thoughts and ideas about a bill during committee meetings. Most committee meetings take place in the Legislative Building, but some committees travel throughout Ontario so that more people can attend. Find out more about committees!

Prepare a Petition: A petition is a request that the Legislative Assembly of Ontario take some specific action. Ontario citizens may prepare and send a petition to their MPP, who then presents it to the Legislature. The government must file a response to the petition within 24 sitting days of the Legislature. Find out more about petitions!