What we value

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We approach all of the responsibilities that come with being part of the Office of the Legislative Assembly with honesty, respect, and impartiality. 

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We're dedicated to delivering innovative services and products that help support the democratic process in Ontario.

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We are an inclusive workplace, made of team players who love to share new ideas and collaborate.

The Office of the Legislative Assembly is mandated to provide non-partisan support to the members of provincial Parliament.

Keeping Ontario's Legislative Assembly running smoothly takes many talented people doing many different jobs—from camera operators and committee clerks, to purchasing officers and researchers. Together, we provide administrative and procedural services to all MPPs, as well as operational support for the daily activities of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. 

What we do: by the numbers

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7+ hours of live daily broadcasts when the House is sitting

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Provide 124+ MPP offices with financial, accounting, administrative, and technology services

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5 websites maintained in English and French

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3+ daily documents published in English and French

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Countless pages of non-partisan research and analysis

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Maintain the 100+ year old Legislative Building

Our work doesn’t end there. There are also special events to coordinate, security services and measures to provide, tours to give, and procedural support to offer.

Meet some members of our team

Teresa, Operations Manager

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I never expected that I would end up working for the Legislature when I graduated from a broadcasting course. It’s been a wonderful experience and an amazing career opportunity.

Alexandra, Constable

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Pursuing a career as a Peace Officer is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in law enforcement. The Legislative Protective Service offers a wide variety of opportunities for career growth through continued education, training, and specialization.

Daryl, Occupational Health Nurse

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Not only are the staff kind and very professional, but they have also shown appreciation for my efforts in new health and wellness initiatives. This environment is very supportive and has allowed me to express my thoughts, ideas and creativity.

What we offer


Our employees are entitled to a range of benefits based on their employment status

  • Health and dental
  • Pension plan
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Wellness programs



We're committed to attracting and keeping the best talent. That's why we offer competitive compensation and opportunities to grow your skills and career in a dynamic environment.

Location and history

Toronto is one of Canada's most vibrant cities and we're located in the heart of it. Our offices in the historic Legislative Building and Whitney Block are surrounded by the leafy trees of Queen's Park.