Millenium Carving - Legislative Chamber

Millennium Carvings

To mark the millennium at the Legislature, two new Latin inscriptions are added to the original series of carvings that grace the Legislative Chamber - Gubernatio bona fructumparit (Good government bears fruit) and Pax sit tempus nostrum (Peace in our time).

Premier Dalton McGuinty (2003-2013)

Premier Dalton McGuinty (2003-2013)

Elected Ontario Premier in 2003, Dalton McGuinty went on to win three consecutive terms – the first Liberal Premier to do so in the province’s history since Sir Oliver Mowat in the 1890s. 

Japanese Cherry Trees

Japanese Cherry Trees

Three Japanese flowering cherry trees bloom each spring on the Legislature’s grounds – a gift of the Japanese Consulate in Toronto in 2005. 

Ontario Veterans' Memorial

Ontario Veterans’ Memorial

The Ontario Veteran’s Memorial is unveiled on the Legislative Building’s south grounds in 2006.  Featuring photos and illustrations of military campaigns laser-etched into stone, it honours those who served from the mid-19th century to present-day.

Mace of Ontario with Diamonds

Diamonds in Ontario's Mace

In use since 1867, the Legislature’s Mace was completely refurbished in 2009 with the addition of 2 diamonds from northern Ontario – a gift of the Debeers Canada company to the people of the province. One polished stone and one rough stone were installed in its crown.

Queen Elizabeth unveils Queen's Park plaque, 2010

Queen Elizabeth Royal Visit 2010

Queen Elizabeth visited the Ontario Legislature once again on July 6th. She unveils a plaque commemorating the 150th anniversary of Queen’s Park, opened as a Toronto public park by her great grandfather Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) on September 11, 1860.

Kathleen Wynne

Premier Kathleen Wynne (2013-2018)

In February, 2013, Kathleen Wynne became Ontario’s first woman Premier. She led the provincial Liberals to an election victory in 2014 – a vote that resulted in the highest number of women to be elected as MPPs in the province’s history - 38 of 107.

Picture of Remarkable Assembly exhibit

A Remarkable Assembly Exhibit

Unveiled at the Legislative Building in 2013, the Remarkable Assembly exhibit showcases women who have played important roles at Ontario's Legislature from the 1940s to present-day. 

Picture of the women of the 41st Session of Parliament

Women of the 41st Session of Parliament

With the election of Ontario’s 41st Session of Parliament in June, 2014, more women than at any one time won seats in the Legislature – a total of 38 of 107 MPPs, or 35% of the House.

Sandstone Repairs, 2014

Ongoing Sandstone Restoration

Work is ongoing in phases to ensure that essential repairs to the sandstone exterior are carried out. All of the original sandstone on the Legislative Building was sourced from a quarry northwest of Toronto and carved on the grounds at Queen’s Park by English stone carvers.

Picture of Gustav Hahn ceiling mural in the Legislative Chamber, seen from below

Gustav Hahn Ceiling - Chamber

During the summer of 2016, panels of the centre ceiling in the Legislative Chamber were removed to reveal more of the original mural painted by artist Gustav Hahn (1866-1962) in the Art Nouveau style.

Mississaugas of the New Credit Mural Panel from the Gathering Place exhibit

Gathering Place Exhibit

Gathering Place, a collection of Ontario Indigenous art, was installed in two committee rooms at the Ontario Legislature in 2016. The committee rooms were renamed to reflect two language groupings - Ninoododadiwin, "harmony" in the Ojibwe language (from the Algonquian group) and Ę dwaę na ga da:t, "we will raise our voices together in unison" in the Cayuga language (from the Haudenosaunee group).

Picture of Remarkable Assembly participants on the grand staircase

100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote in Ontario

On April 12th, 2017, the Remarkable Assembly event brought young women to the Legislature from ridings all across the province to mark the 100th anniversary of votes for women in Ontario.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jackie Gordon (2017-2022)

Sergeant-at-Arms Jackie Gordon

Jackie Gordon became the first female Sergeant-at-Arms of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 2017, serving until 2022. Prior to this role, Ms. Gordon was with the Halton Police Service for 34 years, holding a variety of different positions including Inspector, and working in community policing and the court system.

The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for security in the House and the Legislative Precinct, as well as building operations and maintenance for the Legislative Building.

Premier Doug Ford (2018-present)

Premier Doug Ford (2018-present)

As a result of the 2018 election held on June 7th, Doug Ford becomes Ontario's 26th Premier, elected along with a majority government consisting of 76 Progressive Conservative MPPs. The number of ridings in the province had increased to 124 from 107 for this, the province's 42nd Parliament. 

Picture of the Franco-Ontarian flag

Franco-Ontarian Flag

The Franco-Ontarian flag became an official provincial emblem with the passage of the Franco-Ontarian Flag Amendment Act, 2020. The green and white represent summer and winter in the province. The white trillium represents Ontario and the fleur de lys symbolizes the French speaking community.

Picture of the Seven Grandfather Teachings carving

Seven Grandfather Teachings Carving

A wood carving showcasing the Seven Grandfather Teachings guiding principles was unveiled in the Legislative Chamber in November, 2021. These teachings have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years through ceremonies and stories. Placed above the interior Chamber entrance, the carving embodies animals representing Love, Wisdom, Truth, Humility, Respect, Courage and Honesty. This piece was created by Indigenous artist Garrett Nahdee who is from the Walpole Island First Nation in southwestern Ontario.