Margaret Rae Luckock, MPP

Ontario's First Women MPPs

Ontario’s first two women MPPs were elected in August, 1943 – Agnes Macphail (who had also been Canada’s first woman MP in 1921), and Margaret Rae Luckock, pictured here.

Hansard 1944 Index


Hansard, the official transcript of House proceedings, was introduced at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1944. Pictured here is a copy of the first bound index.

The Hon. Leslie Miscampbell Frost by Kenneth Forbes

Premier Leslie Frost (1949-1961)

Leslie Frost became Premier of Ontario in May, 1949, and led the province during a significant era of economic growth following the Second World War. In office unitl 1961, his administration expanded and modernized public infrastructure, building new hospitals, schools and highways to serve the province's ever-increasing population.

Agnes Macphail chairs a meeting of the Ontario Legislature, 1951

Agnes Macphail, 1951

Agnes Macphail - one of Ontario's first two women MPPs - became the first woman in the province’s history to chair a meeting of the Legislative Assembly on March 1st, 1951. 

Princess Elizabeth 1951 Royal Visit

Princess Elizabeth - 1951 Royal Visit

In October 1951, Princess Elizabeth – just months away from becoming Queen – visited Ontario’s Legislature for the first time with her husband Prince Philip. As Queen, she has paid 3 official visits to Queen’s Park - in 1973, 1984 & 2010. 

University Avenue Subway Construction

University Avenue Subway Line

Premier Frost breaks ground on the University Avenue TTC subway extension. During construction, a tunnel was carved underneath the Legislative Building and Queen’s Park. This subway extension opened in 1963.

The Hon. John Parmenter Robarts by Roberto De'Seta

Premier John Robarts (1961-1971)

John Robarts succeeded Leslie Frost as Premier of Ontario in 1961. While in office, he championed Canadian national unity and promoted French language education in Ontario schools. He served as Premier until his retirement in 1971.

Flag of Ontario - Red Ensign

Ontario's Flag

The Red Ensign carrying the shield of arms of Ontario is confirmed as the province’s official flag in April, 1965.

Meeting of the Legislature, late 1960s

French as an Official Language in the Legislative Assembly

In 1967, Premier Robarts moved that MPPs may address the House in either English or French. French becomes an official language of the Legislative Assembly in 1970.