38th Parliament, 2nd Session

No. 149



Votes and Proceedings


Legislative Assembly
of Ontario

Assemblée législative
de l'Ontario

March 29, 2007

Morning and
Daytime Meeting - Sessional Day 226

29 mars 2007

Séance du matin et
de l'après-midi - jour de session 226

2nd Session,
38th Parliament

38e législature

10:00 A.M.

10 H

Mr. Duguid moved,

M. Duguid propose,

That, in the opinion of this House, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services should request the Chief Firearms Officer to conduct a study to identify ways of better regulating ammunition which includes consideration of additional mechanisms to further restrict and/or ban the sale and possession of ammunition for hand guns and to share relevant findings with Federal and Provincial/Territorial partners.

A debate arising, at 11:00 a.m., further proceedings were reserved until 12:00 noon.

À 11 h, la suite du débat est réservée jusqu'à midi.

Mr. Ferreira then moved,

Ensuite, M. Ferreira propose,

That, in the opinion of this House, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario call on the Government of Ontario to move expeditiously to establish and implement a comprehensive landlord licensing program, to ensure minimum standards for rental accommodation throughout Ontario, with the following features:

The program would be fully integrated with existing municipal property standards by-laws and Part XIV (Maintenance Standards of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006);

Administration and enforcement would be the responsibility of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and could be assigned to individual municipalities by agreement;

Landlords would be required to obtain a licence for each residential complex containing more than 10 residential units;

Annual licence fees would be paid into special funds dedicated to supporting program administration and enforcement;

Residential complexes would be regularly inspected and work orders would be issued to ensure compliance with minimum standards;

Repeated failure to comply with work orders would be dealt with by a rent escrow system, whereby tenants in the affected residential complex would pay part of their rent into a special account, administered by the landlord licensing program and used to ensure that repairs are carried out;

Serious infractions would result in prosecution and substantial fines could be imposed on conviction; and

That the Government of Ontario report back to the Legislature on the implementation of this program during the spring 2007 sitting.

The question having been put on Mr. Duguid's Resolution Number 49, it was declared carried.

La motion, mise aux voix, sur la résolution numéro 49 de M. Duguid est déclarée adoptée.

The question having been put on Mr. Ferreira's Resolution Number 52, it was lost on the following division:-

La motion, mise aux voix, sur la résolution numéro 52 de M. Ferreira est rejetée par le vote suivant:-


































1:30 P.M.

13 H 30

Reports by Committees

Rapports des Comités

Mr. Flynn from the Standing Committee on General Government presented the Committee's Report which was read as follows and adopted:-

M. Flynn du Comité permanent des affaires gouvernementales présente le rapport du comité qui est lu comme suit et adopté:-

Your Committee begs to report the following Bill as amended:-

Votre comité propose qu'il soit permis de faire rapport sur le projet de loi suivant avec des amendements:-

Bill 69, An Act to allow for information sharing about regulated organizations to improve efficiency in the administration and enforcement of regulatory legislation and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. 

Projet de loi 69, Loi permettant l'échange de renseignements sur les organismes réglementés afin de rendre plus efficaces l'application et l'exécution de la législation de nature réglementaire et apportant des modifications corrélatives à d'autres lois. 

Ordered for Third Reading.

Ordonné pour la troisième lecture.


Introduction of Bills

Dépôt des Projets de Loi

The following Bills were introduced and read the first time:-

Les projets de loi suivants sont présentés et lus une première fois:-

Bill 192, An Act to amend the Labour Relations Act, 1995.  Mr. Kormos.

Projet de loi 192, Loi modifiant la Loi de 1995 sur les relations de travail.  M. Kormos.

Bill 193, An Act to amend the Environmental Protection Act with respect to the stewardship of products and of the packages or containers used for products.  Mr. Miller.

Projet de loi 193, Loi modifiant la Loi sur la protection de l'environnement en ce qui a trait à la gérance des produits et des emballages ou des contenants utilisés pour ceux-ci.  M. Miller.



With unanimous consent, on motion by
Mr. Bradley,

Avec le consentement unanime, sur la motion de M. Bradley,

Ordered, That, notwithstanding Standing Order 96(g), notice be waived for ballot items 77 and 78.



Petition relating to withdrawing the proposed Long-Term Care Homes Act or removing the offending sections (Sessional Paper No. P-248) Ms. Scott.

Petitions relating to increasing long-term care operating funding in 2007 and 2008 and introducing a capital renewal and retrofit program (Sessional Paper No. P-282) Mr. Hardeman, Mr. O'Toole and Mr. Wilson.

Petitions relating to allocating funding for affordable and supportive housing in Ontario's 2007 provincial budget and re-assume financial responsibility for the cost and repair of the current social housing stock  (Sessional Paper No. P-283) Mr. O'Toole and Mr. Wilson.

Petition relating to working with Hershey to reverse the decision to close the Smith Falls plant, fund infrastructure projects, complete the four-laning of Highway 7 and the reconstruction of Highway 15, postpone the closure of Rideau Regional Centre, create a fund to attract investment to Eastern Ontario (Sessional Paper No. P-287) Mr. Sterling.

Petition relating to providing the required $1.4 million in new funding to Stevenson Memorial Hospital (Sessional Paper No. P-288) Mr. Wilson.

Petition relating to working with Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare to maintain hospital and community-based lab services at the existing facilities in Bracebridge and Huntsville, including restoration of lab services that have recently been contracted out to hospitals in Sudbury and Barrie (Sessional Paper No. P-290) Mr. Miller.

Petition relating to mandating and subsidizing Citizens for Lifelong Learning programs (Sessional Paper No. P-296) Mr. Berardinetti.

Petition relating to supporting Bill 156 to reclassify the double-crested cormorant (Sessional Paper No. P-297) Mr. Miller.


Orders of the Day

Ordre du Jour

A debate arose on the motion for Third Reading of Bill 140, An Act respecting long-term care homes.

Il s'élève un débat sur la motion portant troisième lecture du projet de loi 140, Loi concernant les foyers de soins de longue durée.

After some time, pursuant to Standing Order 9, the motion for the adjournment of the debate was deemed to have been made and carried.

Après quelque temps, conformément à l'article 9 du Règlement, la motion d'ajournement du débat est réputée avoir été proposée et adoptée.


The House then adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

À 18 h, la chambre a ensuite ajourné ses travaux.


le président

Mike Brown