DateBill stageEventOutcomeCommittee
December 2, 2020Royal AssentRoyal Assent received--
December 1, 2020Third ReadingVoteCarried on division-
December 1, 2020Third ReadingDebated--
December 1, 2020Second ReadingMotion to arrange proceedings--
December 1, 2020Second ReadingOrdered for Third Reading pursuant to the Order of the House--
December 1, 2020Second ReadingDischarge the Order of referral to Committee--
December 1, 2020Second ReadingTime allocated--
November 30, 2020Second ReadingOrdered referred to Standing Committee-Standing Committee on General Government
November 30, 2020Second ReadingVoteCarried-
November 30, 2020Second ReadingDebated--
November 26, 2020First ReadingVoteCarried-