Debates and Progress

First Reading

May 17, 2001
carried on division.

Second Reading

June 6, 2001
Mr Stockwell, Mr Stewart, Mr Galt, Mrs McLeod, Mr Kormos, Mr Beaubien, Mr Caplan, Mrs Dombrowsky, Mr Martin
June 7, 2001
Mr Kormos, Mr Dunlop, Mr Cordiano, Ms Lankin, Mr Stockwell, Mr O'Toole, Mr Colle, Mr Agostino, Mr Gill, Mr Wood, Mr Maves, Mr Phillips
June 11, 2001
Ms Churley, Mr Clark, Ms Di Cocco, Mr Stockwell, Mr Caplan, Mr Hastings, Mr Crozier, Mr Bradley, Mr Parsons, Mr Kormos, Mr Turnbull
June 12, 2001
Mrs Pupatello, Mr Bradley, Mr Kormos, Mr Gill, Mrs McLeod, Mr Agostino, Mr Christopherson, Mr Gerretsen, Mr Young, Mrs Molinari, Mr Cleary, Mr Wood, Mr Bartolucci, Mr Tilson, Mrs Dombrowsky, Mr Klees, Mrs Munro, Mr Ramsay, Mr Gravelle, Mr Hampton
June 13, 2001
Time allocation Motion
Mrs Ecker, Mr Crozier, Mr Curling, Ms Martel, Mr Bradley, Mr Stockwell, Mr Caplan, Mr Kormos
carried on division
June 18, 2001
carried on division


Justice and Social Policy
June 18, 2001
June 19, 2001
June 20, 2001 Reported to the House as amended and ordered for Third Reading.

Third Reading

June 26, 2001
Mr Stockwell, Mr Agostino, Mr Kormos, Mrs McLeod, Mr Martin, Mr Bradley
Vote deferred
June 27, 2001
carried on division Royal Assent: Friday, June 29, 2001

Coming into force:Royal Assent.