[38] Bill 114 Original (PDF)

Bill 114 2006

An Act to amend the Environmental Protection Act to protect the Halton waste disposal site

Note: This Act amends the Environmental Protection Act. For the legislative history of the Act, see Public Statutes - Detailed Legislative History on


The Regional Municipality of Halton fought a bitter and expensive battle to create its own waste disposal site with costs borne by its residents.

All other Ontario municipalities refused to enter into reciprocal agreements with The Regional Municipality of Halton when it required landfill capacity to bridge the time between closing its former waste disposal site and opening its current site.

Other Ontario municipalities, such as the City of Toronto, have not taken responsibility for their own landfill requirements. That abrogation of responsibility could cost the taxpayers of The Regional Municipality of Halton.

It is not equitable to impose a cost of that kind on any municipality without its consent.

Therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

1.  Subsection 29 (5) of the Environmental Protection Act is repealed and the following substituted:

Waste from outside municipality

(5)  Requirements in a report relating to waste from a source outside the boundaries of a municipality are binding on the municipality only if the municipality consents to be bound by the requirements.


2.  This Act comes into force on the day it receives Royal Assent.

Short title

3.  The short title of this Act is the Environmental Protection Amendment Act (Waste Management), 2006.


The Bill amends the Environmental Protection Act so that the Minister cannot, in a report under section 29 of the Act, require a municipality to deal with waste from a source outside the boundaries of the municipality unless the municipality consents.