How to watch video replays of the House and committee meetings

May 8, 2023

The Broadcast and Recording Service team working in the broadcasting studio.

Replays of some House proceedings and committee meetings are available to view.  

Members’ statements and question period archive 

After the live broadcast of members’ statements and question period, you can watch the recording on our website. You can also visit our YouTube channel to view the archive. Recordings with open captioning are added for every sitting day. 

Committee meetings replay 

On Fridays, when the House isn’t sitting, committee hearings from that week are rebroadcast on our committees room 151, room 1, and room 2 video pages. Weekly livestream schedules are posted below each video player or on the committee meetings weekly notice

Learn more 

Find out when the House meets

Watch the House livestream on our website or Parlance.  

Browse the members’ statements and question period archive. 


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