Introducing Parlance, a new way to watch the Legislature

February 12, 2021

Use Parlance to view both House and committee proceedings.
Use Parlance to view both House and committee proceedings. 

You can now download Parlance, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario’s new free app for watching live parliamentary proceedings.  

From broadcasting legislative meetings on television to livestreaming them on the Legislative Assembly’s website, advances in technology have given Ontarians more opportunities to see their Legislature in action. Parlance continues this tradition by providing a new way to watch live on your Apple or Android smartphone, tablet, or TV.   

Use Parlance to watch live meetings of the House in the Legislative Chamber and committee meetings in the Amethyst Room. 

Parlance features player controls and closed captioning.
Parlance features player controls and closed captioning.

Parlance also features player controls, including closed-captioning and a livestream indicator. You can pause and resume the livestream once you have started watching.

No matter where you are, Parlance can help you keep up to date with Ontario’s Legislature. Download Parlance on your Apple or Android devices today and tell us what you think. 

Learn more

Find viewing schedules and past recordings for the House and committees on our video page and on YouTube.

See the parliamentary calendar to find out when the House is scheduled to meet during the year.

The Parlance app is now available on Apple's App Store or on Google Play

Download on the App Store        Download on Google Play.



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