New Chamber staff

October 3, 2023

view of the chamber from the back of the room looking towards the Clerk's table and Speaker's dais with three large windows behind

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has a new Clerk, Trevor Day (formerly the Deputy Clerk), and a new Sergeant-at-Arms, Tim McGough. The roles of Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms are essential to the operations of the House and to the Office of the Assembly.

Clerk of the Assembly

The Clerk is the chief permanent officer of the Legislative Assembly. The Clerk advises the Speaker and MPPs on procedure and rules and practices of the House. The Clerk is also responsible for the overall direction and administration of the Legislative Assembly.


The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for security in the House and throughout the Legislative Precinct. The Sergeant-at-Arms also oversees property management of the precinct. In the Chamber, the Sergeant-at-Arms guards the mace, which sits on the Clerk’s table when the House is in session.

The Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms are two Assembly staff members who work inside the Chamber. Other Assembly staff who work in the House include table officers (clerks and parliamentary counsel), Hansard reporters, and legislative ushers.

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