The Sergeant-at-Arms

Picture of Ontario Sergeant-at-Arms Tim McGough

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario - Tim McGough

The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for security in the House and the Legislative Precinct and for property management. The Sergeant-at-Arms is also the guardian of the Mace, the ceremonial staff used in parliament to symbolize the authority of the Speaker in the House. The Sergeant-at-Arms also provides ceremonial services on behalf of the Legislative Assembly.

At the start of each day’s meeting of the Legislature, the Sergeant-at-Arms leads the Speaker’s procession into the Chamber, carrying the Mace over his shoulder. The official uniform consists of a sword that is worn on the left side of his body, a bicorn hat, and a black swallow-tail jacket.

It is believed the position of Sergeant-at-Arms in parliament dates from the 14th century in England when they were appointed by the King to provide protection to the Speaker in the House.