George Simpson's Canoe Brigade, 2009 - Kristy Cameron, Métis

Image of George Simpson's Canoe Brigade by Kristy Cameron

Kristy Cameron (b. 1968) is a Métis artist and teacher who was born and raised in Atikokan, Ontario. As a descendant of numerous fur traders, she often incorporates Aboriginal and historical content into her art. Spiritual weavings are seen throughout her pieces, which evoke mystery, energy, contentment, and joyfulness. Cameron has collaborated twice with award-winning Métis author David Bouchard to illustrate the books The Seven Sacred Teachings and Dreamcatcher and the Seven Deceivers. These books are used by educators across Canada.

George Simpson’s Canoe Brigade tells the story of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Governor-in-Chief of Rupert’s Land, George Simpson. He is shown here in his personal canoe with his elite crew of Iroquois paddlers, hand-picked from Caughanawaga, French-Canadian voyageurs, and his personal Scottish piper. The men are singing the traditional French song À la claire fontaine, and keeping beat with their paddles while Simpson sits beside his clerk Robert Miles. Simpson explored much of what became Canada during his forty years with the Hudson’s Bay Company (1820-1860), visiting the numerous far-flung fur trading outposts under his control and travelling to previously uncharted areas.