Agnes Campbell Macphail, MPP 1943-48 and 1948-51

Picture of Agnes Macphail by Yousuf Karsh, Library and Archives of Canada

Agnes Macphail (1890-1954) © Yousuf Karsh, Library and Archives Canada C-021562

Agnes Campbell Macphail
MPP from 1943-1945 and 1948-1951

Agnes Macphail was a political trailblazer, serving as Canada’s first female Member of Parliament from 1921-1940, and was one of Ontario’s first two female MPPs. As an elected official she championed women’s equality, social justice and the humanitarian treatment of all people. She played an integral role in passing the Employees Fair Remuneration Act of 1951, Ontario’s first equal pay legislation.

An outspoken peace advocate, Ms. Macphail was the first Canadian woman delegate to take part in the League of Nations in 1929. She died in 1954, shortly before her appointment to the Senate was to be announced.