Keith Calder Norton

Keith Calder Norton

Dates of service

(general election)

Career details

32nd Parliament (April 21, 1981 – March 25, 1985 )

Minister of Colleges and Universities

Minister of Education

Minister of Health

Minister of the Environment

31st Parliament (June 27, 1977 – February 2, 1981 )

Minister of Community and Social Services

30th Parliament (October 28, 1975 – April 29, 1977 )

Minister of Community and Social Services

Member, Select Committee on the Ombudsman

Member, Select Committee on Highway Safety

Member, Standing Committee on Private Bills

Member, Standing Committee on Administration of Justice

Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs

Parliamentary Assistant to the Treasurer

Member, Select Committee to consider Bills 20 and 26

Member, Select Committee to Consider and Set Out General Rules and Guidelines of the Ombudsman

Member, Standing Committee on Estimates

Party affiliation(s)

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

In memoriam

Tributes in the House: November 23, 2010