40th Parliament, 1st Session

No. 19

No 19

Votes and Proceedings


Legislative Assembly
of Ontario

Assemblée législative
de l’Ontario


March 1, 2012


1er mars 2012

1st Session,
40th Parliament

1re session
40e législature

9:00 A.M.
9 H



Second Reading of Bill 34, An Act to repeal the Public Works Protection Act, amend the Police Services Act with respect to court security and enact the Security for Electricity Generating Facilities and Nuclear Facilities Act, 2012.

Deuxième lecture du projet de loi 34, Loi abrogeant la Loi sur la protection des ouvrages publics, modifiant la Loi sur les services policiers en ce qui concerne la sécurité des tribunaux et édictant la Loi de 2012 sur la sécurité des centrales électriques et des installations nucléaires.

Debate resumed and after some time the House recessed at 10:15 a.m.

Le débat reprend et après quelque temps, à 10 h 15, l’Assemblée a suspendu la séance.

10:30 A.M.
10 H 30



The House recessed at 11:37 a.m.

À 11 h 37, l’Assemblée a suspendu la séance.

1:00 P.M.
13 H



Rural school policy (Sessional Paper No. P-2) Mr. Wilson.

PET scans (Sessional Paper No. P-8) Mme Gélinas.

Moratorium on industrial wind development (Sessional Paper No. P-12) Mr. McDonell and Mr. O'Toole.

Banning solar farms on agricultural land (Sessional Paper No. P-31) Mr. Jackson, Mr. O'Toole and Mr. Yurek.

Funding research for bio-artificial kidney (Sessional Paper No. P-43) Mr. Leal.

Repeal breed-specific legislation (Sessional Paper No. P-52) Ms. DiNovo.

The Deputy Speaker delivered the following ruling:-

Le Vice-Président a rendu la décision suivante:-

The Member for Willowdale has given notice of his intention to raise a point of privilege concerning statements he claims were made by the Members for Newmarket-Aurora and Nickel Belt at a press conference in the Legislature’s Media Studio earlier today.

I am prepared to rule on the point of privilege without hearing further from the Member for Willowdale, as Standing Order 21(d) permits me to do.

The member alleges that certain statements made during the press conference could serve to raise doubt and uncertainty in the minds of potential witnesses before legislative committees, resulting in a possible unwillingness of witnesses to offer their testimony and thereby undermining the full effectiveness of our committee system.

While there may exist a difference of opinion between him and other members about the nature and extent of protections available to witnesses of parliamentary committees, I cannot find a head of privilege that has been offended. The member’s disagreement with the statements of certain other members does not rise to the level of a prima facie case of privilege or contempt.

What the member raises is in fact a good subject of debate which, coincidentally, is set down for a segment of this afternoon’s consideration of Private Members’ Public Business, and I suggest that will be a better and appropriate forum for the Member for Willowdale to make his case to the House at that time.



Ms. Jones moved,

Mme Jones propose,

Private Members’ Notice of Motion No. 11:-

Avis de motion émanant des députées no 11 :-

That, in the opinion of this House, the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly should, as part of the Standing Order study, consider the necessity of amendments to the Standing Orders or Legislative Assembly Act that would extend the protections, immunities, rights, and remedies of witnesses and participants in public inquiries to witnesses and participants in committee hearings, including any witness or participant subject to a confidentiality agreement who has information that is in the public interest for the committee to receive.

Debate arose.

Il s’élève un débat.



Mr. Vanthof moved,

M. Vanthof propose,

Private Members’ Notice of Motion No. 9:-

Avis de motion émanant des députés no 9 :-

That, in the opinion of this House, a committee of the Legislative Assembly, with authority to meet at the call of the Chair, should be established as follows;

That the membership of the committee be comprised of every member of the Legislative Assembly whose electoral district lies north of the French River; and

That the committee be empowered to consider and report to the House its observations, opinions and recommendations on all policies and legislation of the province that directly impact Northern Ontario; and

To which any bills whose principal focus and impact affect Northern Ontario may be referred.

Debate arose.

Il s’élève un débat.



Mr. Zimmer moved,

M. Zimmer propose,

Second Reading of Bill 28, An Act respecting the Human Resources Professionals Association.

Deuxième lecture du projet de loi 28, Loi concernant l’Association des professionnels en ressources humaines.

Debate arose.

Il s’élève un débat.



Referred to the Standing Committee on General Government.

Renvoyé au Comité permanent des affaires gouvernementales.



Second Reading of Bill 11, An Act respecting the continuation and establishment of development funds in order to promote regional economic development in eastern and southwestern Ontario.

Deuxième lecture du projet de loi 11, Loi concernant la prorogation et la création de fonds de développement pour promouvoir le développement économique régional dans l’Est el le Sud-Ouest de l’Ontario.

Debate resumed.

Le débat reprend.

Vote deferred on request of the Chief Government Whip.

Le vote est différé par requête du Whip en chef du gouvernement.

On motion by Mr. Bradley, it was Ordered that the House adjourn.

Sur la motion de M. Bradley, il est ordonné que la chambre ajourne ses travaux.

The House adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

À 16 h 45, la chambre a ajourné ses travaux.

le président

Dave Levac