39th Parliament, 2nd Session

No. 33

No 33

Votes and Proceedings


Legislative Assembly
of Ontario

Assemblée législative
de l’Ontario


May 17, 2010


17 mai 2010

2nd Session,
39th Parliament

2e session
39e législature

10:30 A.M.
10 H 30



The Speaker addressed the House as follows:-

Le Président s'adresse à l'Assemblée comme suit:-

I have had the privilege of serving in this chair since November 28, 2007, but I regret to say that today's Question Period was characterized by one of the worst displays of deportment in the 39th Parliament. Members on both sides of the House contributed to this state of affairs.

To paraphrase a member who wrote to me earlier today, I ask members to remember that they were elected to govern the province, and to accept that both Her Majesty’s loyal opposition and the government have legitimate roles to play in our parliamentary system.

I do not want to see a repetition of today's behaviour in the rest of the current Parliament, so I implore all members to use more temperate language in this place.

While members of the House are protected by parliamentary privilege, they should exercise some restraint when making allegations and comments on the conduct of citizens of this province. To quote from an April 2, 2003 ruling of Speaker Milliken of the Canadian House of Commons:

Speakers discourage members of Parliament from using names in speeches if they are speaking ill of some other person because, with parliamentary privilege applying to what they say, anything said that is damaging to the reputation or to the individual ... is then liable to be published with the cover of parliamentary privilege and the person is unable to bring any action in respect of those claims.

In addition, the use of suggestive language or innuendo with regard to individuals, as members on both sides of this House did today, can provoke an angry response which, as happened today, inevitably leads to disorder.

I am asking all members to exercise more responsibility in the future and to not abuse the wonderful privilege of freedom of speech that they enjoy. This applies equally to members hurling insults toward other members and making personal attacks. As I have said previously, I believe that each and every member in this House is capable of a higher standard.

The House recessed at 12:20 p.m.

À 12 h 20, l’Assemblée a suspendu la séance.

1:00 P.M.
13 H

The House observed a moment of silence in remembrance of Private Kevin Thomas McKay of the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.



Mrs. Albanese from the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs presented the Committee's Report which was read as follows and adopted:-

Mme Albanese du Comité permanent des finances et des affaires économiques présente le rapport du comité qui est lu comme suit et adopté:-

Your Committee begs to report the following Bill without amendment:-

Votre comité propose qu'il soit permis de faire rapport sur le projet de loi suivant sans amendement:-

Bill 44, An Act to implement the Northern Ontario energy credit.

Projet de loi 44, Loi mettant en oeuvre le crédit pour les coûts d’énergie dans le Nord de l’Ontario.

Pursuant to the Order of the House dated May 10, 2010, the Bill is Ordered for Third Reading.

Conformément à l'ordre adopté par l'Assemblée le 10 mai 2010, ce projet de loi est ordonné pour la troisième lecture.



The following Bills were introduced and read the first time:-

Les projets de loi suivants sont présentés et lus une première fois :-

Bill 68, An Act to promote Ontario as open for business by amending or repealing certain Acts. Hon. Ms. Pupatello.

Projet de loi 68, Loi favorisant un Ontario propice aux affaires en modifiant ou en abrogeant certaines lois. L’hon. Mme Pupatello.

Bill 69, An Act to amend the Building Code Act, 1992 to require carbon monoxide detectors in all residential buildings. Mr. Hardeman.

Projet de loi 69, Loi modifiant la Loi de 1992 sur le code du bâtiment pour exiger l’installation de détecteurs de monoxyde de carbone dans tous les bâtiments servant à l’habitation. M. Hardeman.

Bill 70, An Act to amend the Human Rights Code respecting gender identity. Ms. DiNovo.

Projet de loi 70, Loi modifiant le Code des droits de la personne en ce qui concerne l’identité de genre. Mme DiNovo.

Bill 71, An Act to amend the Labour Relations Act, 1995 to increase the rights of members of trade unions and the duty of trade unions to disclose financial information. Mr. Hillier.

Projet de loi 71, Loi modifiant la Loi de 1995 sur les relations de travail pour accroître les droits des membres des syndicats et l’obligation des syndicats de divulguer des renseignements financiers. M. Hillier.



Petition relating to stopping the 13% combined sales tax (Sessional Paper No. P-8) Mr. Bailey and Mr. O'Toole.

Petition relating to cuts to frontline healthcare at pharmacies (Sessional Paper No. P-52) Mr. Bailey, Mr. Klees and Mr. O'Toole.

Petition relating to working with Ontario pharmacists to find a solution to reduce the cost of drugs (Sessional Paper No. P-56) Mr. Klees.

Petition relating to liberation treatment for sufferers of multiple sclerosis (Sessional Paper No. P-60) Ms. Jaczek.

Petition relating to putting a moratorium on any Renewable Energy Approvals for the construction of industrial wind farms (Sessional Paper No. P-75) Mr. Arnott.

Petition relating to speech-language therapy in York Region (Sessional Paper No. P-82) Mr. Klees.

Petition relating to reinstating the 2% base funding increase in the Developmental Services sector (Sessional Paper No. P-89) Mr. Klees.



A debate arose on the motion for Second Reading of Bill 65, An Act to revise the law in respect of not-for-profit corporations.

Il s’élève un débat sur la motion portant deuxième lecture du projet de loi 65, Loi modifiant des lois en ce qui concerne les organisations sans but lucratif.

After some time, Mr. Chudleigh moved the adjournment of the debate, which motion was lost on the following division:-

Après quelque temps, M. Chudleigh propose l'ajournement du débat et cette motion est rejetée par le vote suivant:-

AYES - 8 NAYS - 36

POUR - 8 CONTRE - 36

The debate continued and, after some time, Mr. Chudleigh moved the adjournment of the House, which motion was lost on the following division:-

Le débat se poursuit et après quelque temps, M. Chudleigh propose l'ajournement des débats de l'Assemblée et cette motion est rejetée par le vote suivant:-

AYES - 2 NAYS - 28

POUR - 2 CONTRE - 28

The House then adjourned at 6:09 p.m.

À 18 h 09, la chambre a ensuite ajourné ses travaux.

le président

Steve Peters



Petition relating to cuts to frontline healthcare at pharmacies (Sessional Paper No. P-52) (Tabled May 17, 2010) Mr. Dickson.




Bill 68, An Act to promote Ontario as open for business by amending or repealing certain Acts. (No. 103) (Tabled May 17, 2010).

Certificate pursuant to Standing Order 108(f)(1) re intended appointments dated May 14, 2010 (No. 102) (Tabled May 14, 2010).

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation / Société de gestion du Fonds du patrimoine du Nord de l’Ontario, Annual Report 2008-2009 (No. 101) (Tabled May 14, 2010).