36th Parliament, 1st Session

No. 223 No 223

Votes and



Legislative Assembly

of Ontario

Assemblée législative

de l'Ontario

1st Session,

36th Parliament

1re session,

36e législature


September 3, 1997


3 septembre 1997


1:30 P.M.


13 H 30



Mr Beaubien from the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills presented the Committee's Report which was read as follows and adopted:-

M. Beaubien du Comité permanent des règlements et des projets de loi privés présente le rapport du comité qui est lu comme suit et adopté:-

Your Committee begs to report the following Bills without amendment:-

Votre comité propose qu'il soit permis de faire rapport sur les projets de loi suivants sans amendement:-

Bill Pr78, An Act respecting the City of Scarborough.

Bill Pr84, An Act respecting Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.



On motion by Mr Johnson (Don Mills),

Sur la motion de M. Johnson (Don Mills),

Ordered, That, notwithstanding Standing Order 95(g), the requirement for notice be waived with respect to ballot item 96.



Petition relating to Enacting legislation to require women to wear tops in public places (Sessional Paper No. P-278) (Tabled September 3, 1997) Mr B. Wood (London South).

Petition relating to Withdrawal of Bill 136 (Sessional Paper No. P-290) (Tabled September 3, 1997) Mrs L. McLeod.

Petition relating to Women's College Hospital (Sessional Paper No. P-292) (Tabled September 3, 1997) Ms F. Lankin.

Petitions relating to Public inquiry into the shooting death of Dudley George (Sessional Paper No. P-295) (Tabled September 3, 1997) Mr A. Curling and Mr D. Ramsay.

Petition relating to Port Arthur General Hospital (Sessional Paper No. P-302) (Tabled September 3, 1997) Mrs L. McLeod.



The Order of the Day for resuming the adjourned debate on the motion for Third Reading of Bill 143, An Act to authorize the payment of certain amounts for the Public Service for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 1997, having been read, the question having been put was carried on the following division:-

À l'appel de l'ordre du jour de passer à la

suite du débat ajourné sur la motion portant troisième lecture du projet de loi 143, Loi autorisant le paiement de certaines sommes destinées à la fonction publique pour l'exercice se terminant le 31 mars 1997, la motion, mise aux voix, est adoptée par le vote suivant:-

AYES / POUR - 51

Arnott Galt O'Toole

Baird Grimmett Ouellette

Bassett Harnick Parker

Beaubien Hastings Pettit

Carr Hodgson Ross

Carroll Hudak Runciman

Chudleigh Jackson Saunderson

Cunningham Johns Shea

Danford Johnson Smith

Doyle (Don Mills) Spina

Ecker Jordan Stewart

Elliott Klees Turnbull

Eves Martiniuk Villeneuve

Fisher Maves Wilson

Flaherty McLean Witmer

Ford Munro Wood

Fox Mushinski (London South)

Froese Newman


Bartolucci Hoy Pouliot

Boyd Kormos Pupatello

Bradley Kwinter Ramsay

Brown Laughren Ruprecht

(Algoma-Manitoulin) Martel Sergio

Christopherson Martin Silipo

Cleary McLeod Wildman

Crozier Miclash Wood

Curling Patten (Cochrane North)

Hampton Phillips

And the Bill was accordingly read the third time and was passed.

En conséquence, ce projet de loi est lu une troisième fois et adopté.

Mr Johnson (Don Mills) moved,

M. Johnson (Don Mills) propose,

Whereas, the gasoline pricing practices of large supplier/retailers continues to be a problem which threatens consumers with unreasonably high and non-transparent prices and undermines the important role played by independent gasoline retailers in Ontario; and

Whereas, gasoline pricing is an issue of common interest to all provincial governments and Canadian consumers; and

Whereas, ensuring fair competition in the marketplace is the responsibility of the federal government under the Competition Act; and

Whereas, this legislature has already unanimously passed a resolution calling on the federal government to exercise fully its powers under the Competition Act to stop anti-competitive practices that threaten the survival of small, independent gasoline retailers; and

Whereas, the federal Competition Bureau is of the opinion that no marketplace problems exist in the gasoline industry which violate the Competition Act as currently drafted;

Be it resolved by this House that the Government of Ontario call upon the federal government to address this problem of national dimensions by amending the Competition Act to address pricing practices within the gasoline industry and appoint a special investigator to review the situation and make recommendations to ensure that Canadian consumers benefit from competitive and transparent gasoline prices across this country.

Be it further resolved that the Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations table the resolution of this legislature at the forthcoming meeting of federal-provincial-territorial Ministers emphasizing the support of all parties in this House.

A debate arose and, after some time,

Mr Miclash moved that the motion be amended by adding the following:-

Il s'élève un débat et après quelque temps,

M. Miclash propose que la motion soit amendée en ajoutant le suivant:-

"That, in addition to the other provisions of this resolution, the Ontario Government implement provisions which would limit the opportunity for predatory pricing, limit the damage that could be inflicted by discriminatory pricing practices, and restrain the ability of refiner marketers to create arbitrary price zones."

The debate continued and, after some time,

With unanimous consent, the debate was adjourned.

Le débat se poursuit et après quelque temps,

Avec le consentement unanime, le débat est ajourné.

Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor of the Province entered the Chamber of the Legislative Assembly and took her seat upon the Throne.

The Speaker addressed Her Honour as follows:

"May it please Your Honour:

We, Her Majesty's most dutiful and faithful subjects, the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, in session assembled, approach Your Honour with sentiments of unfeigned devotion and loyalty to Her Majesty's person and Government, and humbly beg to present for Your Honour's acceptance a bill entitled, "An Act to authorize the payment of certain amounts for the Public Service for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 1997" / «Loi autorisant le paiement de certaines sommes destinées à la fonction publique pour l'exercice se terminant le 31 mars 1997»."

To this Act the Royal Assent was announced by the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly in the following words:

"Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor doth thank Her Majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects, accept their benevolence and assent to this bill in Her Majesty's name."

«Son Honneur la lieutenante-gouverneure remercie les bons et loyaux sujets de Sa Majesté, accepte leur bienveillance et sanctionne ce projet de loi au nom de Sa Majesté.»

Her Honour was then pleased to retire.

The House then adjourned

at 6:00 p.m.

À 18 h, la chambre a ensuite

ajourné ses travaux.

6:30 P.M.

18 H 30

Debate was resumed on the motion for Second Reading of Bill 152, An Act to improve Services, increase Efficiency and benefit Taxpayers by eliminating Duplication and reallocating Responsibilities between Provincial and Municipal Governments in various areas and to implement other aspects of the Government's "Who Does What" Agenda.

Le débat reprend sur la motion portant deuxième lecture du projet de loi 152, Loi visant à améliorer les services, à accroître l'efficience et à procurer des avantages aux contribuables en éliminant le double emploi et en redistribuant les responsabilités entre le gouvernement provincial et les municipalités dans divers secteurs et visant à mettre en oeuvre d'autres aspects du programme «Qui fait quoi» du gouvernement.

After some time, pursuant to Standing Order 9(a), the motion for the adjournment of the debate was deemed to have been made and carried.

Après quelque temps, conformément à l'article 9(a) du Règlement, la motion d'ajournement du débat est réputée avoir été proposée et adoptée.

The House then adjourned

at 9:30 p.m.

À 21 h 30, la chambre a ensuite

ajourné ses travaux.

le président

Christopher M. Stockwell


Sessional Papers Presented Pursuant to Standing Order 39(a):-

Documents Parlementaires Déposés Conformément à l'article 39(a) du Règlement:-

McMichael Canadian Art Collection / Collection McMichael d'art Canadien, Annual Report for the fiscal year ending March 31, 1996 (No. 558) (Tabled September 3, 1997).

Questions Answered (see Sessional Paper No. 5):-

Interim Answers to Question Numbers: 1923, 1958, 1984, 1985.