36th Parliament, 1st Session

No. 101 No 101

Votes and



Legislative Assembly

of Ontario

Assemblée législative

de l'Ontario

1st Session,

36th Parliament

1re session,

36e législature


October 1, 1996


1er octobre 1996


1:30 P.M.


13 H 30



Petition relating to North York Branson Hospital (Sessional Paper No. P-15) (Tabled October 1, 1996) Mr M. Kwinter.

Petition relating to Workers Health and Safety Centre and Occupational Health Clinics (Sessional Paper No. P-118) (Tabled October 1, 1996) Mr D. Christopherson.

Petition relating to Bill 181, Ammunition Regulation Act, 1994 (Sessional Paper No. P-139) (Tabled October 1, 1996) Mr T. Barrett.

Petition relating to Repealing Section 745 of the Criminal Code of Canada (Sessional Paper No. P-142) (Tabled October 1, 1996) Mr J. Ouellette.

Petition relating to Slot sizes on Rainbow Trout (Sessional Paper No. P-143) (Tabled October 1, 1996) Mr B. Wood (London South).



Mr Gilchrist from the Standing Committee on Resources Development presented the Committee's Report which was read as follows and adopted:-

M. Gilchrist du Comité permanent du développement des ressources présente le rapport du comité qui est lu comme suit et adopté:-

Your Committee begs to report the following Bill as amended:-

Votre comité propose qu'il soit permis de faire rapport sur le projet de loi suivant avec des amendements:-

Bill 49, An Act to improve the Employment Standards Act. Ordered for Third Reading.

Projet de loi 49, Loi visant à améliorer la Loi sur les normes d'emploi. Ordonné pour la troisième lecture.



The following Bill was introduced and read the first time:-

Le projet de loi suivant est présenté et lu une première fois:-

Bill 81, An Act to reduce the number of members of the Legislative Assembly by making the number and boundaries of provincial electoral districts identical to those of their federal counterparts and to make consequential amendments to statutes concerning electoral representation. Hon. D. Johnson (Don Mills).

Projet de loi 81, Loi visant à réduire le nombre des députés à l'Assemblée législative en rendant identiques le nombre et les limites des circonscriptions électorales provinciales et fédérales et à apporter des modifications corrélatives à des lois concernant la représentation électorale. L'hon. D. Johnson (Don Mills).



Opposition Day

Jour de l'opposition

Mrs McLeod moved,

Mme McLeod propose,

Whereas the Conservative party promised voters in the last election through the Common Sense Revolution that "Aid for seniors and the disabled will not be cut."; and

Whereas the Common Sense Revolution states that "our obligation to those in need is even greater in the case of our children"; and

Whereas the Harris government's actions have resulted in Special Services at Home funding and other individualized funding to families of people with disabilities to be cut by an average of 30%; and

Whereas many of these families were only receiving 10 to 12 hours of funding support before the Harris cuts; and

Whereas Mike Harris has broken his promise to protect the most vulnerable in our society; and

Whereas many of these individuals and their families have also been affected by the Harris cuts to municipalities which have consequently reduced transportation services such as Wheel Trans and access to affordable housing; and

Whereas the Harris government broke its promise not to cut aid to seniors and persons with disabilities when it introduced a new user fee on the drugs that persons with disabilities are prescribed by their doctors; and

Whereas many of these children and their families will also be negatively affected by the $800 million cut to education as school boards eliminate teachers aids for children with special needs; and

Whereas the cuts to individual families will place increased financial and emotional stress on families that are already under a tremendous amount of stress; and

Whereas people with disabilities who are on welfare or families on welfare with children who have special needs have been unfairly hurt by the treatment they have received from the Harris government; and

Whereas the government has acknowledged publicly that only a small portion of the funds currently allocated for people with disabilities living in those institutions targeted for closure will be reinvested in the community;

Therefore this House calls on the Mike Harris government; to admit that their failure to meet the increased need for funding has resulted in reductions to individuals and their families; to do what Mike Harris promised when in opposition and allocate additional funding to people with disabilities and their families; to redress the current funding inequity that exists between disabled individuals who are cared for by their families in their homes, and those who are in the care of an institution; and to re-evaluate the priorities and budgets of the various programs that assist people with disabilities and their families to ensure that the services they need are readily available.

A debate arising, after some time, the motion was lost on the following division:-

Un débat s'ensuit et après quelque temps, la motion est rejetée par le vote suivant:-

AYES / POUR - 30

Bartolucci Grandmaître McLeod

Boyd Gravelle Miclash

Bradley Hampton Patten

Brown Hoy Phillips

(Algoma-Manitoulin) Kennedy Pouliot

Caplan Lalonde Pupatello

Christopherson Lankin Ruprecht

Churley Laughren Silipo

Colle Marchese Wildman

Crozier Martel

Duncan Martin


Arnott Harnick Rollins

Baird Harris Ross

Beaubien Hastings Runciman

Boushy Jackson Sampson

Brown Johns Shea

(Scarborough West) Johnson Sheehan

Carroll (Don Mills) Skarica

Chudleigh Johnson Smith

Clement (Perth) Spina

Danford Jordan Sterling

DeFaria Kells Stewart

Ecker Klees Stockwell

Elliott Leach Tascona

Eves Marland Tilson

Flaherty Martiniuk Tsubouchi

Ford Maves Turnbull

Fox Mushinski Vankoughnet

Froese O'Toole Villeneuve

Galt Ouellette Wettlaufer

Gilchrist Palladini Wilson

Grimmett Parker Wood

Guzzo Pettit (London South)

Hardeman Preston Young

At 6:05 p.m., the question "That this House do now adjourn" was deemed to have been proposed pursuant to Standing Order 34(b).

À 18 h 05, la motion portant «Que la présente Assemblée ajourne les débats maintenant» est réputée avoir été proposée conformément à l'article 34(b) du Règlement.

After two matters were considered, the question was deemed to have been adopted.

Après l'étude de deux questions, la motion d'ajournement des débats est réputée avoir été adoptée.

The House then adjourned

at 6:25 p.m.

À 18 h 25, la chambre a ensuite

ajourné ses travaux.

le président

Edward A. Doyle


Sessional Papers Presented Pursuant to Standing Order 39(c):-

Documents Parlementaires Déposés Conformément à l'article 39(c) du Règlement:-


Bill 81, An Act to reduce the number of members of the Legislative Assembly by making the number and boundaries of provincial electoral districts identical to those of their federal counterparts and to make consequential amendments to statutes concerning electoral representation (No. 250) (Tabled October 1, 1996).