Acts affected - Bill 218

Most Ontario public acts are available electronically; to view copies of the Acts to be amended by this bill visit e-laws

Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996
Architects Act
Auditor General Act
Capital Investment Plan Act, 1993
Commodity Futures Act
Community Small Business Investment Funds Act
Condominium Act, 1998
Co-operative Corporations Act
Corporations Tax Act
Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, 1994
Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act, 1993
Education Act
Electricity Act, 1998
Financial Administration Act
Investing in Ontario Act, 2008
Land Titles Act
Legislative Assembly Act
Liquor Licence Act
Management Board of Cabinet Act
Metrolinx Act, 2006
Ministry of Revenue Act
Ministry of Treasury and Economics Act
Municipal Act, 2001
Ontario Capital Growth Corporation Act, 2008
Ontario Provincial Police Collective Bargaining Act, 2006
Proceedings Against the Crown Act
Professional Engineers Act
Retail Sales Tax Act
SARS Assistance and Recovery Strategy Act, 2003
School Boards - Accounting Practices and Standards
Securities Act
Succession Duty Act Supplementary Provisions Act, 1980
Succession Law Reform Act
Taxation Act, 2007
Teachers' Pension Act
The Succession Duty Act
Toronto Futures Exchange Act
Treasury Board Act, 1991
Trustee Act

Legislative Assembly of Ontario