[39] Bill 197 Original (PDF)

Bill 197 2009

An Act to amend the Human Rights Code with respect to freedom of expression

Note: This Act amends the Human Rights Code.  For the legislative history of the Act, see the Table of Consolidated Public Statutes – Detailed Legislative History at

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

   1.  Section 13 of the Human Rights Code is repealed.


   2.  This Act comes into force on the day it receives Royal Assent.

Short title

   3.  The short title of this Act is the Human Rights Code Amendment Act (Freedom of Expression), 2009.




The Bill repeals section 13 of the Human Rights Code which prohibits a person from publishing or displaying before the public material that indicates the intention of the person to infringe a right under Part I of the Code.

Section 13 of the Code has a chilling effect on freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is a core value of democracy from which all other rights naturally flow and without which our political system would perish.