Debates and Progress

First Reading

March 2, 2006
Minister's Statement and Ms. Scott and Mr. Marchese

Second Reading

April 3, 2006
Principal Debaters:
Mr. Bradley, Mr. McMeekin, Ms. Wynne, Mr. Klees, Mr. Marchese

Questions and Comments:
Mr. Miller, Mrs. Sandals, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Di Cocco, Mr. Barrett, Mr. Sterling

April 5, 2006
Principal Debaters:
Mr. Marchese, Mrs. Sandals, Ms. Scott, Mr. Brownell, Mr. Sterling

Questions and Comments:
Mr. McMeekin, Mr. O'Toole, Mr. Qaadri, Mr. Bisson, Mr. Patten, Mr. Wilkinson, Mrs. Van Bommel, Mr. Arthurs

April 11, 2006
Principal Debaters:
Mr. Delaney, Mr. McNeely, Mr. O'Toole, Mr. Tascona, Mr. Hampton, Ms. Horwath

Questions and Comments:
Mr. Ramal, Mr. Yakabuski, Mr. Leal, Mrs. Sandals, Mr. Barrett, Mr. Miller, Mr. Sergio, Mr. Berardinetti

April 12, 2006
Declared carried. Referred to the Standing Committee on Social Policy.


Standing Committee on Social Policy

May 8, 2006
May 9, 2006
May 15, 2006
May 16, 2006

May 17, 2006
Reported to the House as amended. Ordered for third reading.

Third Reading

May 29, 2006
Principal Debaters:
Mr. Peters, Ms. Pupatello, Mr. McMeekin, Mr. Miller, Mr. Marchese, Mr. Orazietti

Questions and Comments:
Mr. Wilson, Ms. Horwath, Mr. Ramal, Mrs. Elliott, Mr. Rinaldi, Mr. O'Toole, Mrs. Sandals, Ms. Wynne, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Van Bommel

June 1, 2006
Principal Debaters:
Mr. Klees, Ms. Horwath, Mr. Prue

Questions and Comments:
Mr. Leal, Mrs. Witmer, Mr. Berardinetti, Ms. Scott, Mr. McMeekin, Mr. Miller

Carried on division.

Note for Royal Assent

The Lieutenant Governor gave Royal Assent in his office on June 1, 2006; announced in the House on June 5, 2006. See Votes and Proceedings, June 5, 2006.

Royal Assent: Thursday, June 01, 2006

Coming into force:
67. (1) Subject to subsection (2), this Act comes into force on the day it receives Royal Assent.


(2) Sections 2, 6, 16, 17.1, 37, 39 to 45, 47, 55 and 56 come into force on a day to be named by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor.