[38] Bill 54 Original (PDF)

Bill 54 2005

An Act to proclaim the
Apple Capital of Ontario


There are approximately 1,200 acres of apple orchards in the Municipality of Meaford located in Grey County, which contributes to making Grey County the number one apple producing area in Ontario. The County produces about 25 per cent of Ontario's apple crop annually. The "farm gate value" of apples from the County is approximately $12,000,000 to $15,000,000 annually.

The major apple variety in Meaford is McIntosh, the premium quality of North America. The McIntosh variety makes up 40 per cent of the apples grown, and the Northern Spy variety accounts for 25 per cent.

Within Meaford, there are four farmers' roadside markets located at orchards. Meaford also produces apple juice and has a large apple storage capacity and business.

Meaford has a tourist information booth in the shape of an apple, hosts an annual apple harvest craft show, and is the home of the famous Grandma Lambe's apple pie, winner of the 2002 Business of the Year award. Grandma Lambe's has been in business for over 50 years.

Therefore Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

Apple Capital of Ontario

1.  The Municipality of Meaford is proclaimed as the Apple Capital of Ontario.


2.  This Act comes into force on the day it receives Royal Assent.

Short title

3.  The short title of this Act is the Apple Capital of Ontario Act, 2005.



The Bill proclaims the Municipality of Meaford as the Apple Capital of Ontario.