[36] Bill 49 Original (PDF)


Bill 49 1998

An Act to amend the Education Act with respect to exceptional pupils to allow the Premier to keep his promise to Gordie Kirwan

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

1. Subsection 11 (1) of the Education Act, as amended by the Statutes of Ontario, 1993, chapter 11, section 11, 1996, chapter 12, section 64 and 1997, chapter 31, section 7, is further amended by adding the following paragraph:

6.1 governing the identification and placement of exceptional pupils for the purposes of clause 33 (7) (b).

2. Section 33 of the Act, as re-enacted by the Statutes of Ontario, 1997, chapter 31, section 14, is amended by adding the following subsection:

Exceptional pupils

(7) A person continues to be qualified to be a resident pupil under subsection (1), (2), (3) or (4) until the last school day in June in the year in which the person attains the age of 28 years if, in any school year beginning on or after September 1, 1995,

(a) the person would be qualified under subsection (1), (2), (3) or (4), as applicable, but for being over 21 years old; and

(b) a Special Education Identification, Placement and Review Committee established under the regulations that has jurisdiction identifies and places the person, in accordance with the regulations, as an exceptional pupil; and

(c) the person has not completed an elementary school education.


3. This Act comes into force on a day to be named by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor.

Short title

4. The short title of this Act is the Gordie Kirwan Education Amendment Act (Exceptional Pupils), 1998.

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