What happens in committees?

April 8, 2024

empty committee room with tables in a square

MPPs meet in the House to discuss and vote on legislation. Some MPPs are also members of committees that meet outside of the House.

What type of work do committees do?

Committees have specific mandates for their work, outlined in the committees section of the standing orders. They may also consider other matters that are referred from the House. This includes:

  • proposed legislation
  • estimates
  • studies
  • reviewing government policies and spending

Standing committees exist for the duration of a Parliament. Select committees exist for a limited time to study a particular issue.

Sometimes committees will hold public hearings. These hearings provide opportunities for Ontarians to express their opinions through presentations or written submissions. Committees publish notices of hearings in advance.

Committees report their findings and recommendations to the House. This happens during the daily proceeding called “Reports by Committees.” 

When do committees meet?

How often and when committees meet can differ. Check the weekly notice to see upcoming scheduled meetings.

Watch live streams when available of committees meeting in room 151, room 1, or room 2. To learn what happened in a past meeting, read the transcript (found in committee documents).

Sometimes committee meetings are held in closed session, which means they are not open to the public. Any part of a meeting that is held in closed session is not recorded in the transcript or streamed live.

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