MPP work outside of the legislative Chamber

June 10, 2024
This article was originally published on January 5, 2023

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MPPs meet regularly in the Chamber to debate and vote on proposed legislation. However, there are times, such as now, when the House is adjourned. This includes longer adjournments in the summer and winter and shorter ones called “constituency weeks.” During these periods, MPPs have more time to address duties that take place outside of the Chamber.  

Constituency responsibilities 

Your MPP is your representative in the Legislature. To learn the needs of their constituents, MPPs attend local events and spend time in their constituency offices to meet with them and hear their concerns. MPPs may tour other members and politicians around their constituency to showcase the area.  

Committee work 

Several MPPs are members of legislative committees. Committees may still meet when the House is in adjournment. 

Ministerial roles 

Some MPPs also have ministerial roles. MPPs belonging to the governing party might be ministers or  parliamentary assistants. MPPs belonging to the opposition might be critics. Whether these MPPs are part of the government or the opposition, they will need to stay informed on their policy area. 

These are just some of the responsibilities that MPPs have in addition to those performed in the House. 


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