How to contact your MPP

March 6, 2024

This article was originally published on August 23, 2021.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario's House chamber

Do you have a question or concern about a bill or issue in your community? Consider contacting your member of provincial Parliament (MPP), who is your representative in the provincial Legislature. An MPP’s role is to serve their constituents, even those who didn’t vote for them. They can help you address issues that affect your riding.

Find your MPP

Use the Find my MPP tool on the Legislative Assembly’s website to find your riding, MPP’s profile, and contact information. Simply enter your address in the search field and select “Find”. For the most accurate results, use your full address, including city and postal code.

Find my MPP tool

The tool will direct you to your MPP’s profile page. Each profile displays the MPP’s current party and parliamentary roles, career details, and contact information. If you need help determining which of your MPP’s offices to contact, visit our Contact an MPP page.

Learn more

Use the Find my MPP tool.

See the list of current MPPs.

Read about MPPs and the Legislative Assembly.


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