Enhanced MPP profile pages are now available

October 10, 2023

group of MPPs inside Chamber

Enhanced MPP profile pages are now available on our website. Profile pages for current MPPs feature new content, as well as the information you are used to seeing, with an updated design. 

New design and content 

Profile pages for current MPPs are separated into tabs to give more control over which content you view. You will now see three tabs: 

  • Contact  

  • About  

  • Activity  

New content includes: 

  • bills introduced by the MPP 

  • motions proposed by the MPP 

  • member expenses 

Some key information, such as current riding representation, is also highlighted at the top of the profile pages.  

Familiar content  

Content you are used to seeing remains available, such as: 

  • profile photos 

  • contact information 

  • career details 

  • riding representation and map 

Let us know what you think of the updated pages at web@ola.org.  

Learn more 

See the list of current MPPs

Find your MPP to see their profile page. 

View the members section.   


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