Zaagi'idiwin (Love)

The eagle












Love is unconditional and must be given freely. We must first Love ourselves before we can show Love to someone else. When we give Love freely, it comes back to us – in this way it is mutual and reciprocal. Love is between all of Creation, humans and non-humans. If you can demonstrate Love to yourself and others through your actions and words, you will be at peace with yourself.

Love is represented by the eagle, who can travel over great distances and carry it and all of the teachings to the four directions of the Earth. The Eagle flies at great heights, and can reach nearest to the Creator.

Zaagi’idiwin wenipazh maada’ooniding miinawaa wenipazh miigiweng. Apii miigiweyang zaagi’idiwin wenipazh, neyaab da-bi-ayaamagad – maanda inagakeyaa miiniding miinawaa maada’ooniding. Zaagi’idiwin gakina ningoji, bemaadizijig miinawaa bakaan awiya. Zaagi’idiwin ezhi-waabanda’ang aw migizi, gichi-waasa ogashkitoon babaamised miinawaa bemiwidood gakina gikinoo’amaagewinan imaa niiwin inagakeyi’iin akiing.