Aakode'ewin (Courage)

The bear












Courage is to face your foes with integrity, and do what is right even when the consequences are unpleasant. It is easy to turn away when we see something that is not right, and harder to speak up – it takes Courage to stand up against things that are not right.

Courage is represented by the bear. The mother bear has the Courage and strength to face her fears and challenges while protecting her young. She never gives in or gives up in the face of danger.

Aakide’ewin apii izhi-doodawadwaa bemaadizijig gwayakwendaman, miinawaa ji-minochigeyan gaye apii zanagak. Aakide’ewin ezhi-waabanda’ang aw makwa. Noozhe-makwa odayaanan aakide’ewin miinawaa zoongiziwin ji-gashkitoon zegizid miinawaa zanagadinig ganawenimaad oniijaanisan.