Wild Calling - Monica Loney, Métis

Image of Wild Calling by Monica Loney

Monica Loney is a Métis artist from Barrie, Ontario. Her artwork focuses mainly on the human body and nature, using continuous lines to represent the universal connection we all share. Monica uses her art to help those underrepresented in their communities to express themselves. She was denied many aspects of her Métis heritage, as generations before her were forced to hide their identities, and did not educate their children about their heritage due to shame, guilt and fear. She therefore uses her artwork to become her authentic self and step fully into her power.

Wild Calling was created to represent the Indigenous goddess that lies within. This inner goddess is ready to come to the surface and claim her space in the world, learning to love herself fully and embrace her ancestral strength, determination, learn the lessons passed down through generations, and surviving and thriving. For the watercolour background, Monica used products from Beam Paints, a company created by Indigenous artist Anong Beam. Beam Paints uses Indigenous paint-making traditions to handcraft their paints.